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Chemistry GCSE

Year 9 Topics

C4 Periodic Table
C5 Ionic Bonding
C6 Covalent Bonding
C7 Types of substance
C8 Calculations involving masses
Year 10 Topics

Term 1
C9 Acids
C10 Electrolytic Process
C11 Obtaining and Using Metals
C12 Reversible Reactions and Equilibria

Term 2
C17 Groups in the periodic table
C18 Rates of Reaction
C19 Energy Changes

Term 3
C20 Fuels
C21 Earth and Atmospheric Science

Year 11 Topics (Triple Only)

Term 1
C13 Transition metals, alloys and corrosion
C14 Quantitative analysis
C15 Dynamic Equilibrium and Gas Calculations
C16 Chemical cells and Fuel Cells

Term 2
C22 Qualitative analysis
C23 Hydrocarbons
C24 Polymers
C25 Alcohols and Carboxylic acids
C26 Nanotechnology