Bury Trust Science Faculty
Welcome to the Science Faculty.

Our hope is that these pages will support you and your family by providing you with all the information that's needed for you to succeed in science within the Bury Trust.

Science is an important part of your child's school career. With that in mind the Science staff in the trust have worked hard to develop an exciting curriculum that not only encourages understanding of key scientific concepts but also supports learning through enquiry. The skills learnt in Science lessons should prepare students for life outside the classroom, be it in a scientific career or otherwise.
Furthermore, this journey from reception to A level should be fun!

This journey begins in Reception and KS1 where Science is taught within topic areas to allow students to make real life connections to the principles they are learning. However, Science has it's own designated time within the school week and the children enjoy Science specific activity days and afternoons, in which they have the opportunity to work with other children in the trust.

As students make the move to middle school, Science begins to become further defined within the curriculum. Science specific teachers and activity days ensure that progress for all is seen in our students. Talented young scientists have the opportunity to work together on projects across the trust though out KS2 and 3.

Once students join County Upper they have developed a number of scientific skills to a high level and are already confident in many of the key scientific areas.
These excellent foundations are built upon and fostered so that every student leaves with a science qualification. Science forms a large part of the students week - two lessons each of the three sciences. Along with this there are also a great number of extra curricular science activities and trips to enhance their learning outside the classroom. Students of all abilities are catered for by ensuring that lessons are suitable and engaging in conjunction with enrichment activities for each group of students. A large number of our students remain with us into Sixth form in order continue their studies in Science, many of which go on to study Science degrees, Medicine and Vetenary medicine.