September Diary Entry

posted Oct 4, 2014, 6:53 AM by Mrs Payne   [ updated Oct 4, 2014, 6:55 AM ]

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Rolls Royce Science Prize

September 2014 Diary Entry

Our targets for September:

  • Hold a meeting with the Partners to action plan the year

  • Organise Year 11 AMGEN event

  • Book and plan Year 6 Trip to Lawshall Woods


A huge amount of planning took place prior to the summer holidays in order to put the main events for the year ahead in the calendar. Andy Price took responsibility for the planning and organising of the Lawshall trip in October while Nadine Payne along with other colleagues finalised plans for the Triple Science AMGEN event in September. CPD has also been booked for trust science staff based on Enquiry Led teaching and another for Action Research.

Over the summer holidays Nadine Payne booked and organised the middle school CHaOs day for December and completed the update of the New Trust Science Website.

Once term started the last few details were put in place for the AMGEN event. One hundred and Twenty year 11 students were given a day off timetable to participate in a biotechnology day. This was a great success and evaluations from the students showed that the activity had given them a new understanding of the science involved but also a different perspective into scientific careers.

It was also a great opportunity for the staff involved to use and update their skills in this cutting edge technology.

Science and Robotics club has started and have shown good numbers. New Arduno boards to be ordered.

New IPADS ordered – they will be used in activities through out the year along side lessons

The  trust science staff involved in the Rolls Royce ‘A year of enquiry’ met on Wednesday the 24th September to complete the action plan for the year. Each partner has a specific responsibility for particular activities and parts of the action plan.  The last few details for the Lawshall trip were discussed – letters to go out to parents shortly.

Dr Hanfrey has started booking companies for the STEM fair in March – date for fair has been decided as 20th-21st March 2015. Nadine Payne met with Mark Bruhin from Beacon East who has given her a long list of contacts for further potential companies. It was also decided to have a separate science careers fair alongside the STEM fair for year 11 and sixth form.

October will be a busy month – Trips out by year 6 and Year 12, planning for activities in the coming months, and a number of Open evenings!

Targets for October:

  • Make draft plans for STEM fair and make bookings.

  • A successful Year 6 Lawshall Trip – positive responses to evaluations

  • Plan Year 7/8 Gifted and Talented Day for November