May Diary

posted May 31, 2015, 11:05 AM by Mrs Payne

May Targets: 

·       Nadine to work with Media students to ensure that final edit of Video is completed and sent to Rolls-Royce.

·       Nicky to set up Cross Trust Robotics club.

·       Nadine to speak to STEMnet about Student ambassador programme.

·       Team to Evaluate project this year and plan for next academic year.

This month has involved our media students finalising the video edit of the video diary – something they will be using for their coursework and as part of their portfolio of evidence for future job interviews. They did an excellent job throughout the project of capturing everything that went on. The team also met to look at the impact of the project over the year. With so many activities having taken place each month alongside the curriculum changes, there has been a lot of evaluation material to consider. All of the activities that we ran received high praise from students and staff involved, so it would seem appropriate to ensure that they are all included in our extracurricular calendar next year. We will however be adding a number of other activities to the list to help us support pupils with their enquiry skills. Staff within the trust will be organising more parent – pupil activities such as computing and robotics evenings, maths problem solving days and scrap heap challenge events as these are some of the areas that parents requested more support in. The project has really helped staff to see how important parental involvement is and has helped to enthuse them to organise these extra events. It is never an expectation for staff to give up an evening or Saturday to run an activity such as this, so it is just so fantastic to have staff that see the benefits of being involved both for the students and themselves. Another new addition to the programme will be our Robotics Club that starts after half term. We have had a huge amount of interest for this, so we will need to look at buying more robotics equipment next term in order for us to increase the groupings. We are really looking forward to working with pupils from year 4 – 8 and seeing their robotic dance designs. It will also allow us to work with the PE/Dance departments in preparation for the Lego League competition next February.

We have also had our final numbers for the Sixth form – with a staggering 67 pupils wanting to take Chemistry, 55 for Biology and 47 for Physics which is double to entry this time last year!  Many of the students in year 11 that are returning next year were involved in acting as Science Mentors this year and commented on how the experience had helped them to decide on careers and A levels. We have also had a large number of students apply externally – when asked at interview why they had chosen County Upper for science, they said that not only where the results very good but that they had either bene to the science festival or had seen reports in the paper and that they felt that they would have extracurricular opportunities that they wouldn’t get elsewhere. Nadine is working with STEMnet on the ambassador scheme so that in September the students can receive recognition for the work that they do.

Even with lots of exams taking place across the trust, we have still endeavoured that extracurricular activities are being offered to pupils. Year 7/8 pupils visited the Institute of Food Science on Friday 15th May. They took part in hands on experiments and visited the labs and scientists for the day. This was as a result of the science festival and the contacts that we made from the event. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and commented how it had they liked seeing cutting edge science taking place and finding out what it was really like to work as a molecular biologist. Coming up soon in June is the trip to RAF Marham for our Year 12 Engineers and Physicists. We are very excited to see the Rolls-Royce engines in action. This again was a result of working with the RAF team for the science festival. Our year 10 GCSE astronomers are also visiting the University of Hertfordshire in July where they will be using radio telescopes and visiting the astronomy department. The students had acted as ambassadors at the Astronomy Evening in February and they visiting astronomers were so impressed with them that they invited them to the department for the day – all 30 of them!