June Diary

posted Jun 27, 2015, 1:30 PM by Mrs Payne

June Targets:

·       Nadine to organise Engineering trip to RAF Marham

·       Nicky and Andy to organise STEM accelerator launch presentation and coordinate pupils for the event

·       Colin and Nadine Identify first cohort of student and pupil science mentors for next year.

What an exciting and busy month it has been. Although the pupils in robot club have only been together since half term, they have made phenomenal progress already. Each week the pupils are given a task related to a particular context (last week it was the Rosetta and Philae comet chaser!) which helps them to see the real life application of robotics and programming. Having learnt to programme the robots to turn corners, move around the room independently and respond to sound and light, the pupils can now engineer their robots to move around a maze by themselves! What amazing progress. In order to achieve this the pupils have had to persevere and problem solve, as the robots don’t always do as expected first time. After adjusting and working backwards through their methods, they can spot problems for themselves. In September we will be supporting the pupils to plan and design their robots for the LEGO league ROBOCUP competition, with any new pupils to the group joining existing pairs (who will be working as mentors). In July the pupils will be inviting parents and Headteachers to join them at the club to see what they have learnt so far – we felt it was important to celebrate and share their progress so far.
Along with the robot club pupils our astronomy club and CoSpace group were invited to the STEM accelerator launch event at University Campus Suffolk this month to showcase the STEM clubs within the trust and the Rolls-Royce project. One of only two schools in the region asked to present at the event, our pupils did a fantastic job at speaking about the things they have been involved in. Leading industries like BT spoke to our pupils about the project this year and asked them about the skills they have gained and our pupils found out more about the career pathways open to them. The robot club pupils did a fantastic job of explaining their programmes to the BT engineers showing a real understanding in what they had learnt already.

Our year 12 engineers and physics students visited RAF Marham this month – a nice treat after all of those exams! What a fantastic day. They had the opportunity to see Tornados being stripped for engineering checks. They followed the whole pathway from whole plane disassembly to maintenance of the engines. The Rolls-Royce engineers at the base gave the pupils a tour and showed them how the life of the different bearings in the engines were checked and they also saw how FOD was identified in the engines. We were also very fortunate to have a Rolls-Royce higher apprentice with us for the day. Having been an apprentice for two years and being two weeks into his placement at the base, he was able to explain what was involved in the apprenticeship scheme and how to apply. He really inspired the students to think about the career options open to them; he was a real ambassador for the company.

Nicky is busy trying to ensure that everything is ready (including final passport checks) for the trip to Singapore. Our talented young programmers will be battling it out in the international final against the world’s finest young programmers – Good Luck!

The team have also met this month to plan the next stage of the curriculum. Having evaluated the schemes of learning, the group have now finalised the new assessment grid and tracking system for September so that the enquiry skills in lessons (and outside) can be tracked by the students to help them progress further. There is a real buzz with the wider departments as momentum gathers.

July Targets

·       Nadine to ensure that extracurricular/crossphase and parent- pupil events for next year are in the calendar.

·       Nicky to successfully take CoSpace team to Singapore for the International final

·       Nadine and Colin to take Astronomers to the University of Hertfordshire

·       Colin to finalise plans for the year 10 trip to the John Innes Centre in Norwich for the microscopy day.

Andy to coordinate Robot Club Parents evening event.