Bury Trust STEM Festival

This year the STEM Festival is returning ......

16th - 17th March 2017

After the success of last years festival, many of the favourites are returning along with some very exciting additions!

16th March: Schools event 10:00 - 15:00 
Session 1 - 10:00 - 12:00
Session 2 - 13:00 - 15:00

We are inviting local schools to bring groups of KS2/KS3 students to the festival to take part in a range of hands on activities and structured workshops.

On both days children will be able to visit the Chemistry, Physics and Biology Zones led by County Upper student ambassadors but we will also be joined by a number of companies such as:

There are  1 hour workshops running thoughout the day that schools can book pupils into
Schools can choose from either:
A planetarium session
A rocket car workshop (led by the RAF)
There are limited spaces available so please book early to avoid disappointment.

In addition, pupils will also have entry to the Weird Science Facts show with Emily Grossman (please see below for more information)

If you would like to book in a school group for a workshop and/or time in the hands on exhibition please contact npayne@burytrust.org

Saturday 17th March: Community Open Day 10:00 - 15:00

Please join us to celebrate Science and Engineering Week at our Community STEM day.
There will be Hands on activities led by students from across the trust along with local STEM companies and organisations (See 16th March)

In addition to this we will also have:

Weird Science Show 
                                                                     Presented by Emily Grossman

Join Emily Grossman,an internationally acclaimed science author, public speaker and TV personality, to find out more about the weird world of Science. Did you know that you can block a tickle? Or that we share 50% of our DNA with a banana? Would it surprise you to discover that snakes can bite you even when they’re dead? That happy cows produce more milk? Or that there’s a planet on which a day lasts longer than a year? And could it be possible that there’s an animal that does square poos? Or that we make better decisions when we need a wee?! Join TV scientist Dr Emily Grossman for this fun and interactive science quiz show, as she explains some of the world’s weirdest science facts. Guaranteed to amuse and amaze, Emily challenges you to figure out the answers, and uses audience volunteers to help her with simple and fun experiments, demonstrating core scientific concepts. 

 The show will begin at 3pm. 

Tickets are available here

A Mini Scientist Room - This room will be led by our Early Years Coordinator 'Hannah Brookman and Head of Chemistry ' Emma Tunstill'. There will be lots of Hands on Activities to promote an enquiring mind from an early age including:
  • Squidgy Circuits
  • An Enquiry Corner
  • A Cosy Corner
  • Science related soft play

A planetarium for you to visit through out the day
The Planetarium has a capacity of up to 100 people - the largest outdoor planetarium in the UK! This is a free activity - please book tickets here
 (sessions will run every hour)

Crash, Bang Chemistry (11:00  and  1:00)
Join our resident Crazy Chemist 'Mr Western' as he takes you through a series of exciting Chemistry Demonstrations.
  • What does Elephants Toothpaste look like?
  • See what happens to Marge Simpsons hair!
and many more classics............

There will be two sessions running at 11:00 and 1:00 - please book tickets here to avoid disappointment.

Refreshments will be served in the coffee shop - all proceeds to the STEM Iceland student expeditions.
See below to find out what happened at our previous science festival's

                                         Bury St Edmunds County Upper School 

Having been chosen as a Finalist for this years Rolls-Royce Science Prize, we have been very busy further enriching our Curriculum. To find out what the Bury Trust pupils have been up to please go to the What's On and Latest News pages. 

Our 'Year of Enquiry' highlight this year has been a festival of Science and Technology. 

Local schools attended the festival on Friday 20th March with 500 children taking part in activities during the day.
Pupils were able to take part in a range of workshops and hands on activities led by local companies and students at County Upper.

On the Saturday, children and their parents were able to investigate and explore the different activities, all of which had been designed to further enrich the curriculum and inspire pupils. To find out about the festival through press articles click here: Bury Free Press
The companies that supported the Festival were:                                                                                     East Anglian Daily Times
Meet students and scientists from the          Play big brother with eyeball cameras and meet       Try your hand at chocolate welding! Can you 
university and experiment with                   real engineers and find out what they do.                 build a bridge with milky bars?
wind turbines

Meet engineers from the aerospace industry. Amazing wind tunnel                       Make your own flavour sensation soft drink. Identify             experiments!                                                                                                    aromas and flavours to be in with a chance to win a                                                                                                                                    prize! Meet chemists from an international yet local                                                                                                                                      company.

 Investigate the exciting world of microbes and antibiotics. Find out about the history of antibiotics and how leaf cutter ants may help us fight bacteria.  Look at bacteria under the microscopes and use ink chromatography to separate antibiotics from other cell material.  
Test your senses and find out if you are a Supertaster!                                                                                             

                                                                                                                            Experiment with circuits and spin a turbine to generate                                                                                 
Friday: Workshop based sessions looking at the extraction of chemicals from plants.  electricity. Find out about Sizewell and it's visitor centre.
You will be able to identify and classify plants and use the extracted                                                                                                       chemicals for the basis of an art project.
Saturday: Nature's Factories
 Use traditional methods to make natural remedies from plants to take home
'Meet' some super-star plants and learn how their active ingredients improve our lives
Play our Nature's Factories games to find out how cutting-edge science is used to discover   
and harness new important compounds
Tear-off and take-away leaves from our giant 'fact-tree' and leaf (!) us your comments
on a bare branch

Other favourites on the day were:

  • DNA Extraction from fruits
  • DNA Bracelets
  • The Chemistry Zone: Whizz, Bang and Pop!
  • Marshmallow Catapults
  • The Physics Zone: The Amazing light and sound tricks.

The feedback wall - Thank you for all of your positive comments

Many thanks to all of our Exhibitors and students that helped to make the event such a success
Watch this space for information about next year's Science Festival!