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Year 6 Lawshall Trip

Students from across the three middle schools took part in an exciting day at the Lawshall woods.
The Greenlight trust organised a number of activities for the students that promoted their enquiry skills.

The year 6 students learnt how to sample different plants, and categorise them.
They also became part of a giant food chain and used the concepts that they had learnt about and lots of teamwork to build and model a food web from scratch.

The highlight of the day was sawing their own section of tree and counting the rings to find out the age. The students enjoyed identifying when they were born on their cross section.
The students noticed that some rings were bigger than the others and wondered why this was.

As a follow up the students will be researching the answers to their questions back at school to investigate whether there is a correlation between the size of the rings and the climate at the time.

The students also did their biology teachers proud by singing a rendition of the photosynthesis song to the Greenlight trust staff members!

Science Captain 'Ed' helping students with their tree ring pendants

The students with their food chain masks on!

One group using their team work skills to build a food web

One student sawing her section of wood before counting the

Students trying to work out who eats who?
Who is the producer, primary consumer and secondary consumer?