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Primary Action Days

Pupils at both Barrow and Tollgate took part in science investigations involving Rockets and Craters in January.    Academy staff planned the activities together and worked together to deliver the sessions. One aspect that staff decided should be a focus is investigation skills - something the all though trust can monitor and develop seamlessly with the children. The children used the new style framework for writing experimental plans while planning their experiments - something that will form part of their science assessments. This coordinated approach means that the children will develop their skills earlier and they will become second nature.
The children took part in two activities helped by our year 9 science ambassadors form county upper. They investigated how angles can effect the distance a rocket flies and how speed (height) effects the size of a crater. They learnt to change one variable while keeping all other variables the same and why this was important. They made predictions and described their results at the end - some excellent future scientists I think! This was also a fun way to learn how to measure angles and distance - the children didn't even realise they were learning some maths.