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Science Week
We had a vast offering of activities during this year's upcoming science week

  • Year 10 Trip to the Babraham Institute Cambridge 

  • Year 9 Engineering day with the RAF

  • John Innes Youth STEMM Award conference
  • Takamatsu - Japan Science Exchange
  • Wellcome Genome Centre Engagement day
  • Sixth From CERN Trip

Science Festival
The trust's annual science festival took place on 16th/17th March. Over 15 schools and 600 pupils attended on the Friday and over 1000 people attended the Saturday community event.

On Saturday 17th March, the school opened its doors to the public for the annual science festival. There was a ‘Hands on’ room, where people were able to extract DNA from a strawberry and make density column rainbows. There was also planetarium sessions and Crash Bang Chemistry shows, where people got to see some awesome experiments! Many children and adults got involved, with many people staying much longer than they originally intended as it was so enjoyable! One person said ‘It was a great day, the school really did themselves proud!’ Many thanks to Mrs Payne for organising the event, the student ambassadors for helping out and all the members of public who came along!

Taryn Clarke 10P

To find out more please see the science festival page

Annual Astronomy Evening
The trust Astronomy Evening took place on 30th January this year. The event saw over 300 people attend. To find out more, please see the community astronomy evening page

The STEM Iceland Trip has now been launched - students will be conducting science experiments out in the field in Iceland in Summer 2019. The first expedition training date is January 18th.

iLAB Project
We were delighted to be selected as the first school to take part in this initiative which culminated in a presentation evening this month. ILAB (Interactive Learning Across Boundaries) is run by a team of scientific researchers in conjunction with Cambridge University to give students an appreciation of the range of opportunities in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine). This is achieved by a six week, hands-on programme, rather than a one-off event. Twenty of our year nine and ten students were fortunate to follow a new course centred on the use of Robotics in Medical Technologies. Each session involved a mixture of theory, demonstrations, practical programming and circuit building. Students built their own medical technology device and presented their work to parents, governors and staff at the final session. The course also included a session at Cambridge University where the students experienced a Virtual Reality system which enabled them to ‘walk’ through a cancer.

Bloodhound Thrust SSC Trip - November 
RAF Marham hosted a day to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the Royal Air Force. Students from schools across Norfolk and Suffolk took part. Eight stalls stationed at the base’s air hangar gave students an insight into how RAF equipment is linked to STEM subjects, including dealing with fuel spills, detecting damage within engines and survival equipment. Each school was then tasked with creating their own model aircraft for a competition where prizes were awarded for most accurate test flight and best design. We were delighted to win and congratulate all the year ten students who took part. We thank Mrs Walker for accompanying them

The Engineering residential
The biennial engineering experience was generously funded by the local William and Ellen Vinten Trust during half term. Together with the national Smallpeice Trust, Jaguar Land Rover and Thales, year ten students were introduced to the world of engineering culminating in some groups working on a project to design and make a vehicle capable of traversing difficult terrains while other groups tackled the design of a vehicle for a challenging space rescue. Alongside all the engineering concepts, students practised team work, communication, time management and presentational skills. All who took part were a real credit to County. We especially congratulate Charlotte Hudson who received the prize for outstanding student while Isaac Wallace and Hannah O’Connor won prizes for best project teams.

All-Through Science
Our All-Through Trust science day took place this month with able and talented students enjoying a ‘stretching’ day: literally, when they applied forces to different types of sweets in order to measure their elasticity! In the chemistry section, they analysed their sweets before looking at the nutritional aspects in Biology. Throughout the day our STEM Ambassadors were superb, helping both staff and pupils as well as inspiring the year sixes. Well done to: Grace Allen, Rose Bainbridge, Naomi Brighty, Imogen Chorlton, Taryn Clarke, Hannah Cooper, Adam Csontos, Izzy Dolby, Caroline Hibbert, Rosie Howes, Charlotte Hudson, Hannah Jiggins, Abi Knowler, Madi Payne, Ethan Peploe, Frankie Smith-Pitt, Lois Thompson and Emily Waller. 

Faraday Challenge Winners!
A group of six Year 8 Students from the Horringer campus became the area champions at this years IET Faraday Challenge on the 3rd March. As part of the competition, the students had to problem solve, design and build prototypes to test their ideas and code using the BBC Microbits along with working as a team. Welldone to Stella Wilkinson, Imogen Chorlton, Rebecca Morley, Euan Grant, Joe Bradford and Madison Payne.

Top of the Bench competition - November
A team from County Upper came top on Suffolk and runners up in the region in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Competition this term. Held at Briar Chemicals in Norwich, the event which is for the top chemistry students in the region was extremely tough. Congratulation to Lucy Curwen, Charlotte Hudson ( Year 9), Claire Hole ( Year 10) and Eleanor Suter ( Year 11).

Previous Events:

For the past three years, children and their parents from across the trust joined us to celebrate all things astronomical. The children were able to take part in lots of hands on activities, watch comets being made and observe the night sky along with travelling through the solar system in the planetarium. Students from across the trust acted as science ambassadors for the evening.
'Professor' Riddick explaining how to find exoplanets.

New Cross Trust Science Club
Starting on the 21st September, children from the 3 middle schools have been working on different STEM projects each Monday after school. For more information please email: npayne@burytrust.org.
The club started with a forensics task and took part in a national STEM challenge sponsored by BP. This term we have been learning about Astronomy in preparation for the Astronomy Evening in February. 

Engineering day - November

Students in Year 7 from across Bury St Edmunds joined us to complete our engineering challenge. They were given the task of making a sequence that would extinguish a flame using only the equipment given.

Here are a few videos to show you how they got on.

STEM Launch event - June
Bury Trust were invited by Connect Education to showcase the STEM clubs that run within the trust at the regional launch of the STEM Accelerator programme. Our students spoke about the clubs and activities that they have been involved in with some leading STEM industries in the local region. They were excellent ambassadors for the school while also finding about careers in STEM themselves.The programme is aimed at industrial partners mentoring students between 14-19 in STEM subjects.


Year 12 physics and engineering students visited RAF Marham in June to find out about the different roles that engineers have in designing, making and maintaining fighter planes like the Tornado. Students also had the opportunity to talk to a Rolls-Royce higher apprentice about career opportunities and pathways.

Robot Club
Pupils from across have started working together at the weekly Robot Club held at County Upper. Mrs Hughes has been leading the group in learning how to programme the Lego Mindstorm robots - Each week the pupils are set a different challenge  linked to a real life application. In September the pupils will be starting to work on their projects for the ROBOCUP competition next year.

Bury Trust STEM Festival
Our year of Enquiry highlight this year has bee a festival of Science and Technology. The festival took place on March 20th and 21st with local schools invited to join us in celebrating STEM subjects; giving pupils a change to experience some exciting hands on activities. March 20th was a schools only event while March 21st was a community day with many families joining us in our celebrations. To find out more about the activities please click here

  • Science Fayre at Barrow
  • Robots at Tollgate
  • Japanese Visit at County Upper
Mark Westley Photography  Science week at Barrow Primary -  Y3 teacher and science coordinator David Barrett with some children from the science group

Students and their parents from across Bury St Edmunds joined us in a journey through space on the 4th February. Bury Trust science staff worked alongside astronomers from the University of Hertfordshire on this special event. It was open to KS2 pupils and their families from schools through out the local area. With lots of different sessions through out the evening such as: a planetarium, Hands on activities and observing the night sky - it was truly astronomical. To find out more click here

AMGEN Project - September
In September Year 11 Triple students participated in a Molecular biology project. The project involved the students using £10000 of university standard  equipment to bring to life cutting edge science normally only read about in text books

Year 6 Trip to Lawshall  - October
Groups of Year 6 students from each of the trust middle schools visited the Green light trust at  Lawshall woods. They completed a number of investigations on the day that  links to their studies in school.

Pupils from from all the middle schools in Bury St Edmund's took part in an Engineering problem solving day. They designed and built a chain reaction that  snuffed out a candle.

Trust CHaOs day - December
Pupils from across the trust participated in a hands on science day.
CHaOs - a science engagement group from Cambridge helped to enrich the science curriculum for pupils in our trust.

Rolls - Royce Science Prize
Bury St Edmunds County Upper School was one of the finalists for the prestigious science prize a few years ago, find out more here

Find out what happened each month for the Rolls-Royce Science Prize in science in our latest news section.

Science Festival participants in our main hall 

Trip to the Institute of Food Science - May 15th

Pupils from Horringer Middle School spent the day at the IFR. They were able to experience Science in Action first hand and were able to speak to the different scientists that work there.

Students from across the trust will be working together on science projects on April 14th. Children from all the Bury Trust schools will be completing challenges from each of the science disciplines. They will be designing and testing bridges, extracting DNA from strawberries and using chemicals extracted from plants to produce a piece of art!

 Trip to CERN - Easter Holidays

Our A level Physics Students travelled to CERN to investigate the Large Hadron Collider

Trip to the Sanger Centre - March

Our A level Biology students visited the Sanger Centre in March. 

Students in year 9 worked with Chris Tague - a Rolls - Royce Manager and Engineer for an Engineering Challenge morning. They found out about the different careers in engineering and what the industry involves.
The students worked in groups to build a model Jet Engine. They did a fantastic job and asked lots of good questions - the future looks bright for our budding scientists.

Pupils from Barrow and Tollgate Primary practised their science skills in workshops focusing on Rockets and Crater science. Staff from the primary campuses planned the activities alongside county upper staff, with the intention that it would provide a platform for further investigations. The pupils learnt how to make predictions, plan fair experiments and take accurate measurements. To find out more please click here

Follow events in science with through our Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

Science Staff Professional Development

Mr Western and Mrs Payne visited Iceland in the Half term. They conducted experiments into extremophiles whilst out they at GEYSIR and investigated the logistics of taking students there in the future. They even managed to see the Northern Lights!

A Future student trip will involve visiting:

The Mid Atlantic Ridge 


Geothermal Powerstation

Geothermal Pools


while also investigating a project of their choice

and much more!


Students getting ready for the AMGEN day

Pupils at Tollgate preparing the crater site
Pupils at Tollgate making their Rockets
Pupils at Barrow measuring the height so they could find our how speed effects crater size.

Past Science Expeditions

A Level Students travelled to Madagascar to complete biological survey work alongside scientists from Oxford University. They spent one week in the Jungle collecting specie numbers such as mouse lemurs, rare spiders and lizards and complete canopy surveys.

They then travelled through the country to the island on Nosy Be and completed their dive training. While on the island they conducted coral reef surveys ( in decline due to deforestation on Madagascar). The students were very fortunate to dive with turtles, barracuda and a number of rare species of fish.

Along side the science the students also experienced the culture of village life. They had some time to play games with the local children and share gifts with them.
Memories that they will treasure forever!